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Waxy O’Conner’s, London

4.0 stars


Great Irish pub in London

London has many pubs around the city. However, despite of the great English options, the pub I most like is an Irish one, the Waxy O’Connor's. Located in the heart of the city, just few minutes from Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, the fantastic pub has great atmosphere. The decoration is like a cavern, based in wood furniture and the pub is divided in many areas, in different levels (you can get lost inside!). The most interesting is that Waxy O’Connor's has a big replica of a tree inside the pub, giving a special charm to the house. Beside this, the pub serves good food and drinks and sometimes also offers different entertainments such as live music and big screens broadcasting football or rugby matches. The house is well-known in the city, and normally is very busy, mainly in special events, like St. Patrick’s Day. [more ]

Waxy O’Conner’s Bar

Waxy O’Conner’s is a huge bar in Leicester Square/Piccadilly and inside its crazy, it looks like a cave with trees growing inside, plus it goes underground! It’s so easy to get lost in there so take a friend if your going to the toilet as you might never find your way back. There are loads of different bar areas and steps and different levels and little rooms so finding your way anywhere is hard, especially at a weekend as it gets really busy too. There is dancing, if you can find room to dance and I’m pretty sure that they do food during the day, plus they have a huge range of drinks. It’s a cool place for a drink just for the random decor! [more ]

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Waxy O’Conner’s London St. Patrick's Day celebration at Waxy O’Connor's St. Patrick's Day celebration at Waxy O’Connor's
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