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Alcove, Los Angeles

5.0 stars



Alcove is located at 1929 Hillhurst Avenue in Los Angeles, California -- a prime location to serve up all-American goodies for one heck of an all-American price (you may take that in any way).

There is an extensive amount of outdoor seating available here, shaded by umbrellas. I would recommend eating outside at all times if the weather permits so, as the indoor space is rather cramped, though still quite pleasant.

While you can come here for your three meals per day, Alcove also sells desserts and pastries, such as brown butter berry tarts, praline fudge bars with homemade vanilla caramel, layer cakes, pies, bundt cakes and even loaves of bread. If this is your first time coming here, I would highly recommend trying their moon pies, made with two chocolate chip cookies that encase homemade marshmallow, and the whole is dipped in chocolate and then hand-decorated. It's wonderful. [more ]

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