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The Papyrus Factory, Cairo

4.0 stars


Papyrus paintings as a gift

When you go around Cairo - either with a tour or otherwise - it's quite obvious you're a tourist, so street-sellers tend to gravitate towards you. One of the things they all sell are papyrus paintings, well, fake ones actually. You can buy them on their own, however, many sellers will offer you a set of 12 for not much more, which works out cheaper. You can also bargain down to get the best deal. I think my best price was $2 for 12.
If you actually go to the papyrus factory (usually a tour stop where guides get a significant cut) you can see how real papyrus paintings are made. It's very interesting, but the real papyrus paintings are a lot more expensive than the cheap knock-offs and to be honest, you will be the only one who knows the difference.
They are a fabulous present to bring back for relatives and friends that is cheap, light, and easy to carry. Alternatively, you can keep the nicest one as a souvenir for yourself! [more ]

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