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Lalbagh Park, Bangalore

2.0 stars


Lalbagh Park and MTR

I have been living in Bangalore since 2003 and have to sadly admit that there is not too much to expect from Bangalore as a city. "Sightseeing" is completed after 2 hours and its excitement never calls for repetition. However, on the positive side, there are a few things to appreciate: The climate is very nice. Given that the city is 1000 m above sea level, the temperatures tend to be on average 6 degrees below those on the coastal region. Second, Lalbagh Park is a nice outbreak from the Indian chaos. It's centrally located, entry is a negligible 7 Rupees (~ 12 Cents) and inside one finds a well kept lush garden. No hawkers, no beggars, just people strolling around for relaxation.

In addition to recommend, is lunch before or after the walk in famous MTR where you get a South Indian "all-you-can" course for 80 Rupees (~ EUR 1,80). [more ]

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