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Apache Reggae Bar, Kuta

2.0 stars



Have been there. Unforgettable experience! Danced without shoes and made everyone dance))))Sometimes its a pity when people drink when such wonderful music is playing, and do not dance)Better no drinking at all. Nice international crowd: locals and people all over the worls? places I did not even hear of before! One love) [more ]

Apache Reggae Bar in Kuta

The Apache Reggae Bar is located on Jalan Legian 146 in Kuta, Bali. It is known to be mellow and is much less crowded than nearby Bounty and other clubs. As you can deduce from its name, the DJs at the Apache Reggae Bar play reggae music. There is an upstairs floor called the “Apache Surfers’ Bar” and more mainstream pop music can be found there. The place is open most evenings and things get busier the later it is (e.g., after midnight). I don’t know why there is the theme of stereotypes of Native American cultures mixed with Rastafarian cultures, but perhaps one does not ask these questions of certain bars or clubs? [more ]

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Apache Reggae Bar Kuta
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