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Gibralfaro Castle, Málaga

4.0 stars


Gorgeous views from Gibralfaro Castle

The visit to the Gibralfaro Castle is included in the ticket to La Alcazaba. There used to be a connection between the two but it is now in ruins so to reach the Gibralfaro castle we walked up the steep and windy sidewalk. It is really worthy because it takes you to a Mirador with gorgeous views of the bullring, the port and the Malagueta Beach. Inside the Gibralfaro Castle (or Moorish Fortress) you will find beautiful gardens and a very nice restaurant where you can get a drink after the long climb. I am not sure if I will do it all in one day but it was really worthy for the views. [more ]

Gibralfaro Castle

The castle of Gibralfaro is a definite must while in Malaga. Even though it’s a bit war to go by foot, there are buses that can take you here for a normal fare. Some tourists told us the walk up to the castle was very pleasant and offered nice views so we decided to walk back to the city and indeed, it was a great walk. The castle dates from the 14th century and it was built by a Moorish ruler. It is like a fortress and it had its own bakery, whose ovens you can still see today. There are also some wells and gardens. The view you get over Malaga from up there is lovely. The entrance fee is only 3 Euro for both Gibralfaro and Alcazaba castles [more ]

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