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Grigore Antipa Museum, Bucharest

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Museum: Grigore Antipa Museum

Grigore Antipa Museum in Bucharest is one of the oldest and most famous museums in Romania. It was founded in 1908. A lot of effort has been put to keep this museum among the top. I have visited it twice. The first time I was only a child and I was most fascinated by the stuffed birds, so fascinated that I wondered around until I lost my parents. However I found my way after exploring the reptile section on my own. This year I visited it again and I have to say it has really improved. There are more interesting things to see. The flier said it has works from ecology, zoology, oceanography, paleontology, taxonomy and morphology but I didn’t have the chance to visit it all. It was all interesting except the dust which was there for at least a few days. [more ]

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Grigore Antipa Museum Bucharest
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