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Phantasia Land, Brühl

5.0 stars


Germany's Best Theme Park really lived up to it's name!

As the summer of 2007 was coming to a close, my sister and I wanted to make an attempt to insure that a little fun was had to end the season with sunshine and laughter! On recommendation from a relative, we opted for Phantasialand in Bruehl, near Koeln, Germany.

Having no expectations other than believing it to be an Alton Towers meets Disney World, we were soon to find out just how much fun one theme park could be! The amount of different themes and rides at the park make it suitable for everyone to visit - singles, couples, families, group excursions. For the thillseekers among us, do not miss Black Mamba, Talocan, or the Mystery Castle. For families, don't forget to take advantage of the recent offers that now allow free entry to under 7's.

Included in our entry price were tickets to watch various shows performed throughout the day. I've never really enjoyed these type of shows, opting more for the rides, but since we were here for two days we took it easy and went inside. I was hooked straight away, each performance was well thought through, acted with enthusiasm and appealed to a wide audience. Shows included comedic performances, dancing on ice, magic shows and acrobatic feats. Although the comedy performances were only in German, the slapstick routines needed no translation to be enjoyed!

I would recommend taking your own lunch if this is possible. Even though there are places to eat, the food isn't the most appetising and the choices are limited to fast-food type food such as chicken nuggets and chips. This will also help you avoid the queues. On mentioning queues, we didn't find it a problem. As with any popular tourist attractions, one can expect to wait in long lines for quite some time, but the longest we waited was approximately fifty minutes and that was in high-season in August!

Phantasialand is well-worth visiting for those who like their holidays with added thrills, spills and laughter. There's so much to do and see, I'd recommend buying the two-day ticket in order to take it all in without wearing yourself out! [more ]

Phantasia Land

Right in the corner of Koeln in a smaller town called Buehl is a great amusement park. Phantasia Land. This park is a great place to take a family. They have something for everyone here. There is not only a small kids play park, but also a lot of fun thrill rides.

Phantasia Land offers a lot of different lands that you can visit. These include old Berling, Fantasy, Mexico, Silver City, China Town, Mystery, and Deep in Africa. Each land offers a different adventure. I am a fan of water slides, so I highly enjoyed silver city. This park offers two really nice white water rides. However, the park doesn’t just offer water rides, but all types of roller coasters and adventure rides.

It might be worth to go this year to Phantasia as they are offering yet another new ride, “The Talocan.” Here you get to go through an Aztec temple in search of a sun stone. They claim their to be great special effects like water, fire, and mist. This ride features a suspended top spin. Last time I was at Phantasia land, I really great experience. The park offers so much, that you might even want to consider sleeping in their four star hotel located right on site. Going there was stepping into China. Inside was not only a relaxing spa, but also two tasty restaurants. [more ]

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