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Wayside, Kalamazoo

5.0 stars



Every Student knows about Wednesdays at Wayside. On Wednesdays they offer 50 cent drinks and free entrance to the dance club. First of all, this bar is extremely huge. This bar has too floors. On the top floor there are pool tables, large screen televisions and really comfortable leather chairs. On Wednesdays there is even usually live music being played on the second floor. On the first floor there is a nice dining area where you can order food like pizzas, fries, and of course some tasty beer.

Make sure to head out to the dance floor around midnight. Come earlier and there won’t be many people out there dancing. However around midnight is when the party starts. I don’t particularly care for the music that they play there, it is more R and B and less techno and dance music. However, the dance floor gets pretty packed on a Wednesday. Make sure you get all your drinks before Midnight, that’s when the 50 cent drink special ends…

Come here in the summer and there will no one here. But come during the school semester and this place can be a lot of fun. The old downside is that someone is going to have to be the designated driver. The bar is not located next to any residential areas. [more ]

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