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Denny's Restaurant, Anaheim

4.0 stars


Denny's Restaurant, Anaheim

I just simply love Denny's restaurants. Yeah sure, people say they are unhealthy and that I will die of a heart attack if I eat too much, but I don't care. I personally think it would be beneficial to science to see my liver explode. You are talking to the man who once ate at Denny's 29 times in 26 days.
I visited Denny's in Anaheim during a trip to Disneyland. It is right across from the main gates to the Magical Kingdom, next to the Best Western Hotel, and is pretty easy to find. Just follow the smell of burning fat.
Denny's is an international chain of 24 hour restaurants. The fact that it never closes is one of the things that attracts me. I love being able to walk in at 3:15am and order a full meal. It's empowering! And somewhat indigestible.
The meals range from a $4.99 Grand Slam Breakfast, to $10 dinners consisting of plastic meat and veges. Mmmm, even as I write this I can taste the plastic potatoes and feel the plastic gravey dribble down my chin. Plastic is good for you - it has less calories.
Thank you, Denny's! [more ]

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