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Berga Bazars, Riga

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Berga Bazars

If you are interested in some serious shopping and you have a bit of cash free, then Berga Bazars is just the place to go. It's situated just outside the old side of the city. The highlights of this shopping complex are the Stockmann department store (it's huge and has everything in it you could ever want!). For those with a sweet tooth (that's definitely me!) Emihla Gustava has handmade chocolates and sweets on offer, get them gift wrapped for a perfect present.

There are some upmarket boutiques for those with money (not me!). Armani is just one of the big designer names with a shop there.

If you get a bit peckish, try one of the cafes on the top floor of the complex and munch on some Latvian pancakes. [more ]

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