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Arkadia, Cologne

4.0 stars


Club Arkadia

One great thing about Cologne is the nightlife. On the weekends there are plenty of places to go to dance, drink alcohol and just have a great time.

Try going to club Arkadia. This club features a variety of music. My favorite feature of the club is the sofas in the back in the club room. This a great place to sit and talk with friends even though talking will be nearly impossible with the loudness of the music they play.

The Djs here are really good. At a lot of the clubs I have been to, the Djs have not been able to properly mix music, rather you can easily tell when they are switching songs. This is not the case at Arkadia. The Djs could spin the music just right so that everyone can keep dancing the whole night through.

Another great aspect about this club is the great floral wallpaper that decorates the room. This adds a very vintage look to the whole place. Basically this club is very unique, but also one of the best clubs that I have been to in Cologne.

How to get here? It is really quite easy to get to Arkadia. Just take the U bahn to Friesenplatz. [more ]

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