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Strahov Monastery, Prague

4.0 stars


Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery's two beautiful spires are iconic of Prague
architecture, and its life story is iconic of Prague's historic
complexities and contradictions. A working monastery since 1143,
Strahov is a definite must while in Mala Strana. Be sure to check out
the library, the Picture Gallery, and the Basilica of Our Lady (where
Mozart improvised on the organ in 1787). [more ]

Strachov Monastery

Strachov monastery is situated on the western end of Prague castle hill and the hill Petrin, at the point where the two hills connect. It is a great monastery having a wonderful baroque church. From the outside the church looks normal, with two symmetrical white towers, but from the inside it is the most amazing baroque church in Prague. I especially liked the paintings on the ceiling, they were really marvelous, depicting different scenes from the Bible or just beautiful pictures. The whole place is really wonderful and since it is very close to the castle (and almost without changing the height) it can be easily reached and it is definitely worth a visit. [more ]

Strahov monastery

Strahov monastery is located at Strahovske Nadvori 1 (Prague 1, take tram 22 or bus 143, 149, 217).

Strahov monastery was founded in 1143 on the request of Vladislav II and it was run by the Premonastratensian monks who are follwers of the teachings of St. Augustine. This place was also known as Mount Sion and it quickly became one of the most important centers for theological study. It was under attacks by Hussites in the 14th and by the Swedes in 17th century, but it was also rebuilt as it was destroyed by a fire in 1258 and then it was done in Gothic style. The places of interest are most notably libraries the Theological Hall (built between 1671 and 1679.) and Philoshopical Hall (built between 1782 to 1784). The library holds more then 16.000 books and it is considered to be one of the oldest monastic collections in the country.

Opening hours for the library are daily from 9:00am until noon and then from 1:00pm until 5:00pm; while the opening hours for the gallery are Tue- Sun from 9:00am until noon and then from 12:300pm until 4:30. The price of admission for the library is CZK80 [more ]

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