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Italian Restaurant, London

4.0 stars


Italian Restaurant

After the show, it was already getting dark, so we decided to go eat again. Now we were really hungry since the only thing we had eaten was a sandwich and a donut... luckily we were in London and there are tons of options. We walked for a while... looking for a nice restaurant and since we couldn't find one that we really liked we went back to our hotel area.
We arrived and as we went out of the station we saw two nice restaurants that seemed nice enough to eat... (the restaurants are right across the street for the subway station) one was an Italian Restaurant and the other seemed more like a bar... we went to both first to check, and the bar didn't really liked us, so we ate at the Italian Restaurant. The service was alright, the waitresses were not very helpful and the food was not the best... though we had a great time. (but that has more to do with who you go with than with the restaurant itself) [more ]

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