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Ain El-Sukhna, Al Adabīyah

4.0 stars


You won't enjoy..

The problem with Ain El-Sukhna is that it is very boring actually, yes there is a bar in the hotel and restaurants but it is not really what you will be looking for in a weekend getaway, there is nowhere else to go except for KFC & pizza hut !!
The two other resorts La Siesta and Porto El-Sukhna have restaurants but I haven’t been there really. The nearest town is Suez which is about 50 km to the north, you can go there to enjoy a very good local seafood meal for a reasonable price or you can go to see the very famous Suez Canal which links the red sea to the Mediterranean, sounds like a lot of fun, huh?
Go to Ain El-Sukhna to enjoy a relaxing 2 day weekend. [more ]

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Ain El-Sukhna Al Adabīyah
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