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LaBoom, Montréal

5.0 stars


Club LaBoom

LaBoom is to nightclub what a double Big Mac is to burger. It's the art of concept pulled to the extreme. The sneering contempt for settling - "Why decide on a theme?" the club architects might have said - "lets just do a bunch of them, and really make one of them special!"

And so they did. Club LaBoom (1254 rue Stanley) offers four distinct rooms, each boasting its own unique decor, lighting and, of course, music. Wandering around downstairs I went from hip hop to reggae, cool light blues to deep, pulsating reds. It seemed nice enough. Then I ventured upstairs - and understood why LaBoom is so talked-about around here: the entire upper level is basically as close to a rave as you can get in a downtown setting. Thumping house and trance, an invigorating laser light show, a massive dance floor so packed that you can literally get lost within the sea of people - LaBoom knows how the game is played, and it plays it well.

Should you find your way out of the unending sea of humanity on the dance floor, you'll find bars on the edges of the massive room, as well as a sitting area tucked to one side to allow you to regain some composure - or drink some alcohol, whatever.

Although the lower floor rooms are nicely decorated and do a pretty good job of delivering the goods, it's obvious that the focus of the club is on the madness that regularly ensues above. Below is polite club-going, sipping vodka while two-stepping to a bass-heavy rap number. Above is a massive orgy of sweaty bodies thumping to the beat. Below, you might notice a pretty girl from afar. Above, you might smell the sweat mixed with perfume on a pretty girl's neck.

You get the point. LaBoom's kind of an oxymoron - it's varied enough to keep everybody happy, but what the club specializes in, it does better then most of the clubs in Montreal. LaBoom is recommended for its upper floor. [more ]

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1. Newtown 0.42 mi
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