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Negociants, Edinburgh

3.0 stars


Edimnburgh - 24 hour drinking

If you decide to be hard core about your partying, bear in mind that rowdy drunkenness is not appreciated by residents of this relatively quiet city. However, you can stay out all night with no ill effects - and here's just one way to do it.
1. Start at the Jekyll and Hyde on Hanover Street. It's great, with its private booths, glowing potions and hidden loos.
2. Negociants on Lothian Street is open until 3am. It can be crowded and studenty, but has a good range of drinks and a club in the basement which is open until 5.
3. Finish at Penny Black, a poky little pub on West Register Street, behind Prince's Street. It opens at 5am, and for most 24 hour drinkers, remains a bit of a blur.
4. The Royal Infirmary is just off Old Dalkieth Road. Try not to finish up here. [more ]

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