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Berlin Youth Hostel International

4.0 stars


Berlin Youth Hostel International

I visited this hostel on my first trip to Berlin with an international program. The hostel seems designed to handle large groups. We come with 50 students and it accommodated us very well. Rooms usually have between 4 to 5 beds which are situated as bunk beds within small rooms. For breakfast and dinner they offer a plan for a few years where you can get all you want to eat in the morning and at night. The breakfast is really tasty. They serve fresh bread, cereal, cheese, and slices of meat or pretty much what I have found to be a typical German breakfast. For dinner they serve also some good food which includes meat, noodles, bread, and a drink. No beer unfortunately because there are also a lot of kids who stay at this hostel.

This hostel is a good place to be during a soccer match. Inside they have a big projection screen and couches for watching the match. At the reception is also a bar where they mix up cocktails, serve beer, and also non alcoholic drinks. Right in front is a good place to play soccer and rugby. We had a good match going between the different international students and some young German kids who were staying in the youth hostel. [more ]

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