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Coronet Club, London

4.0 stars


The Coronet Club

The Coronet is located in Elephant & Castle, I have only been there once but it was very memorable! I expected it to be just another normal club night but it was far from it! When I walked in I remember thinking 'oh my god, are they playing jive music' but then the bass kicked in and it was a strange but pretty cool sound. There were loads of live acts, really random ones playing a mix of music, like salsa mixed with drum n bass and saxophones mixed with techno – really crazy stuff! Then the proper clubbing music came on and it was some of the best music I have ever heard, very original with huge screens with videos to match the track – some really funny stuff. The club is huge and I think it must have been an old theater. Check for events as its really something to see! [more ]

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