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Carolice, Rio de Janeiro

5.0 stars


Carolice, Ipanema

After filling up on stodge at the Irish Pub, it was down to Carolice street bar, also in Ipanema, for drinks with the locals and gringoes staying/working at the hostels nearby. Having talked the bar's barbeque master into stoking up some flames for a churrasco, the scene was set for plenty of icy stupidly strong caipirinhas (sugar cane rum and lime cocktails) and vodka drinks. As is usual for any big social occasion, the evening soon degenerated into chaos, with the men arguing over the girls and a thwarted trip into the nearby Cantogalo favela to attend a party thay turned out not to be happening that night! But then again, Rio wouldn't be Rio without it's chaos, and it seems things are no different on Christmas day! [more ]

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1. Vinicius 0.47 mi
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