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Cord, Manchester

4.0 stars



From the basic but cool decor of Cord, it was on to the much more unusual fixtures and fittings of Odd bar. This is a newer addition to the Northern Quarter drinking scene, but a very welcome one. As the name suggests, various oddities are scattered around the place - such as a stuffed parrot on a perch and various unusual artworks, but the overall effect is a winner. It gets crowded upstairs, but downstairs there's more legroom and comfy seats. [more ]

The original, still one of the best

Together with Centro, Cord is one of the bars most commonly associated with the Northern Quarter, and the place still packs in the crowds after around a decade in action. It's only small, and the downstairs looks like a toilet (the downstairs loos are unisex, which confuses newcomers) but the Djs are consistently good, as is the atmosphere. There was some hip hop being played on this occasion. I think. It was all getting a bit hazy by now. [more ]


Since it opened around the turn of the millennium, Cord has become something of an institution in Manchester, and everybody´s first port of call on a Northern Quarter bar crawl. The bar openly laughs in the face of glamorous wine bar culture - the downstairs section with its white tiled walls ise reminiscent of nothing else so much as a public toilet (downstairs toilets are unisex, by the way, causing much confusion among first-timers), and the seats are covered in that most dowdy of fabrics - yes, you guessed it...cord. Brown/green cord. Despite, or most likely because, of this anti-glamout attitude, the bar quickly picked up a loyal clientele of trendies and arty types shunning the posy scene of areas such as Deansgate Locks. It still draws the crowds, and has regular DJs on rotation - you can pick up fliers in the bar to see who you can catch, when. The weekly music quiz is hugely popular too - but don´t even attempt it unless you really know your stuff. [more ]

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