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Silom Youth Hostel, Bangkok

3.0 stars


Hi Hostel, Silom, Bangkok

Since Bangkok is arguably a budget destination I was quite surprised to see the a Youth Hostel in Bangkok’s Silom area. Sure enough, the hi Hostel was part of the Youth Hostel Association, and sure enough it provided a budget stay. I took a look at the rooms, and they were fairly basic, as would be expected for a Youth Hostel, but they were certainly nice enough. What struck me was that the rates were not particularly cheap for Bangkok, as at 700 baht or so for an air-conditioned room, a budget hotel would probably provide just as good a deal. However considering that the Hi Hostel was right on the corner of Silom Road, it probably does represent a true bargain as this area is notoriously expensive. It is also one of the few places in Bangkok where a dorm bed can be found, the rate of which is barely 200 baht (barely 4 Euros). In Silom, it must rate as the cheapest night’s sleep you could find. [more ]

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