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Los Cuyes, Ambato

5.0 stars


Eating Guinea Pigs in Style

I really recommend eating at Los Cuyes restaurant in Ambato. If the site of cuyes (guinea pigs) on a little spit on a dirty street has put you off to eating guinea pigs, you should go to this classy restaurant in an upscale Ambato neighborhood. Here they serve cuy with potatoes and a peanut sauce…I recommend getting it with the avocado. It tastes great, but the bits of meat are pretty small so it’s a lot of work. They also serve rabbit (conejo) if you want something with a little more meat on it. There’s a lot of seating available here, both indoor and outdoor…but it gets a bit crowded on the weekends. It helps if you can speak a little Spanish here, because they don’t get many tourists. [more ]

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Los Cuyes Ambato
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