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Koi, Jakarta

4.0 stars


Koi Restaurant and Gallery in Jakarta

If you are traveling in Indonesia and swing by Jakarta, I recommend having a meal at Koi Restaurant and Gallery. Koi is located at Jalan Mahakam I, No. 2 and their telephone number is (62) 21-722-2864. There is another location at Saberro House in Kemang (Jalan Kemang 10A) and their phone number is (62) 21-719-5707. Koi is usually open seven days a week from 11:00am to 11:00pm. Call ahead to be sure of their hours, particularly if there is a national or religious holiday. Koi sometimes has wireless access for laptops. Call in advance if you want to know for certain. Koi has lovely contemporary and traditional artwork (for sale) hanging on the walls and the gallery sells various kinds of art, gifts, and furniture. While most of the items are designed well and make interesting souvenirs, I don’t recommend purchasing things made from teak wood as this negatively impacts forests and habitats for a multitude of animals, orangutans in particular. As for Koi’s menu, their food has French and Asian influences, uses fresh ingredients, and is presented nicely. Koi is great for singles, couples, and families. Customers can expect to pay the equivalent of US$7.00 to US$10.00 (and much, much more if you order appetizers, mains, desserts, and drinks) in Indonesian Rupiah per person. My favorites at Koi include their lemon squash drink, pasta dishes, and dark chocolate torte with basil ice cream. Also, the dessert sampler is a platter of mini-desserts and is fun to share with others. [more ]

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