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Hotel-Pension Korfu II, Berlin

4.0 stars


Hotel-Pension Korfu II

Hotel-Pension Korfu II is an extremely reasonable hotel with a great location. We found the Korfu II online and we knew it was close to the bahnhof zoo which is the general area we wanted to be in. When we actually went there, we were very happy with the location as literally from the bed you could stare at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The reception/staff were nice enough, we were in and out of there fairly quickly, no hassle. The price we paid was about 35 Euro/night, and that’s for two people in Feb of 2007. The room was quite large, had cable TV, and was clean. The only fault we found was if you like hot showers. The hot water tank has enough for 1 ½ hot showers, so maybe 11 min of hot water. Overall we were very happy with the Korfu II and would recommend it to fellow travelers! [more ]

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Hotel-Pension Korfu II Berlin
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