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Flex, Munich

4.0 stars


Flex nightclub

Hidden down a back street with a solitary luminous sign saying flex on approaching this place you may be forgiven for thinking it‘s a gay gym or something . I assure you it‘s not and the first time I went in it was only to make sure that it wasn‘t. This basement rock nightclub will never win prizes for being hip or modern but it has more character and characters than anywhere else in Munich. Having a sort of creepy cellar vibe this place with friendly bar and security staff and easy going punters it feels like a big Halloween party sometimes but is always relaxed and unpretentious.

The Djs a re approachable for song requests, the small dance floor is always as busy as the nearby fussball table. The beers are reasonably priced and you roll dice on payment and if you score higher than the barman you only pay half. [more ]

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