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Southside Bar, London

5.0 stars


Southside Bar

I have never really been a bar person but Southside bar is different and is probably one of the few bars that I love going to! Its located just near Warren Street tube station, I cant remember the actual address but if you come out of the station to your right, turn right and walk to the end of the road, then turn left and you should soon see Southside bar. The bar is fairly small so is nice and personal and it spreads itself over two levels. There are different events on all the time but every time I have been there there has been a DJ upstairs flying funky house, and downstairs it really kicks off as the DJ plays hard trance. It gets pretty packed but not in an uncomfortable way, downstairs also has loads of sofas but who wants to sit down in a polace like this! Everyone is up dancing, and not just a little bit – people are really going for it! The lighting is good and it feels a bit like being in a club, but it isn't! There is no cost to get in and drinks are a fair price. If you are up for clubbing after then ask around as most people head off to a club after the party and the bar usually sells tickets to a big event if one is on. [more ]

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