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Pham Ngu Lao district, Ho Chi Minh City

4.0 stars


Tip for back-packers

Why do you have to spend like 100,- dollars for a night in the centre of Saigon, when you can just spend about 5,- to 15,- dollars for a night by any mini hotels in the Pham Ngu Lao district? Yeah, of course, you will not have as good service as in some 4-star hotels, but they have everything that you may need for a quite comfortable night in town. Don’t worry, it is not far away from the center of Saigon at all, quite a contrary, this district is pretty much close to everything that you would love to check out. They have tons of coffee shops and restaurants all around the area. There is especially a pretty well-known travel agency, so-called Sinh Café. Read my next tip to know more about this travel agency! [more ]

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1. Amara Hotel Saigon 0.00 mi
2. Hotel 211 0.00 mi
3. Hoang Phong Hotel 0.00 mi
4. Duxton Hotel Saigon 0.06 mi
5. New World Hotel Saigon 0.06 mi
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1. Vietnam History Museum 0.00 mi
2. Museum of Ho Chi Minh City 0.00 mi
3. Ho Chi Minh Museum 0.00 mi
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1. Pho Hoa Hoi Restaurant 0.00 mi
2. Nieu Restaurant 0.00 mi
3. Ngon Restaurant 0.00 mi
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