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Chester Bowl, Duluth

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Chester Bowl in winter months

If you are lucky enough to be in Duluth, Minnesota in the winter months make sure to go to Chester Bowl. You should go to Chester Bowl because it has an awesome ski hill there. The ski hill at Chester Bowl is especially unique because at the bottom of the ski slopes there is a frozen pond that you have to ski over in order to get to the chalet. The chalet provides skiers with a layed back chill environment where you can enjoy some hot cocoa and some great snacks such as pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs to fill your hunger needs. When you visit Duluth in the winter months and have an urge to go skiing check out Chester Bowl. [more ]

Chester Bowl

If you are in Duluth, Minnesota whether it is the summer or winter months make sure to check out Chester Bowl. In the summer months Chester Bowl offers a wide variety of hiking trails and has some beautiful scenery to observe. There is a creek that runs parallel with the hiking trails called Chester Creek. Chester Creek is really awesome because there are points along the way of Chester Creek where you can stop and fish. There are also points where you can bridge jump off bridges that are over the waterfalls. If you are in Duluth, Minnesota in the summer don’t forget to check out Chester Bowl and its many hiking trails. [more ]

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