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Armazam de Thiago, Rio de Janeiro

5.0 stars


Best bar in Rio?

My favourite bar in the whole of Rio is Armazam de Thiago, in Santa Teresa. It's known locally as Bar do Gomez, in honour of the aged proprieter, whose family has been running the joint for over 100 years. This is an original Rio botequim (bars that started life as grocery stores and still have a few supplies on the shelves) with walls lined with photographs of old Rio and of the Gomez family in the bar throughout the ages. It's a pretty big place, but on weekend evenings you'll still struggle to get a seat - people tend to spill outside and, at times, it creates a street party atmosphere. In this bar you'll find a fine selection of Santa Teresa's assorted eccentrics - artists, musicians, and local layabouts. You'll also find me, drunk and speaking bad Portuguese. [more ]

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