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Basilica of St. George, Prague

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Basilica of St George

The rich history and art of the Basilica of St. George makes it one of
the best places to catch a concert in Prague. Historically, it was
both a major church and a convent to which the most prestigious
princesses and young ladies were sent for schooling. No longer a
church-slash-convent, the Basilica is a temple to baroque art and
sculpture, a historical landmark of the Czech Renaissance, and one of
the most austere places to catch an evening concert—especially
Gregorian chant, which I was fortunate enough to hear. [more ]

St George basilica

St. George basilica in the castle of Prague is one of the oldest churches in the Czech Republic. The first church on that place was built as early as the 10-th century and some parts of the church today are remains of that time. The whole church is built in the Romanesque style, although different parts of it were built until as late as 18-th century. The chapel of St John of Nepomuk (near the exit) is the newest part of the church decorated on the inside in the baroque style. To enter this church one has to buy a combined ticket for it, the golden lane and the castle rooms or just buy the full ticket for all castle attractions; there is no option to buy a ticket only for the basilica. [more ]

St. George's basilica

St. George's Basilica is located at Prague castle (Hradcany, take trams 22 or 23 and get off at Prazsky hrad or by foot from Charles bridge through Nerudova street).

St. George's basilica is the oldest church within the Prague casle, but also it is one of the best preserved Romanesque churches. It dates back all the way to 915 to 921 when prince Vratislav founded it, however it was enlarged in 973 with the building of a convent. That was not the end of restorations which continued through the centuries, with the most impressive being the baroque facade and 2 towers representing Adam and Eve which dominate the Eastern end of the church. Tombs of Vratislav and Boleslav II are in the basilica, which is nowadays used as a place for concerts. [more ]

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Basilica of St. George Prague Photo 2 18th and 19th century Art Museum at Basilica of St. George in Prague Castle 18th and 19th century Art Museum at Basilica of St. George in Prague Castle 18th and 19th century Art Museum at Basilica of St. George in Prague Castle
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