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Port House, Dublin

5.0 stars


The Port House - Temple Bar - Dublin

By far my favourite little bar / tapas restaurant in Dublin. Unassuming from the outside, you realise once inside that it exudes chic and elegance. A fabulous choice of wine and the Tapas is second to none. The best meal I had in Dublin by far. The upstairs is fresh and white and tastefully decorated, but just wait till you get downstairs to visit the toilets -it's another world. The downstairs and toilets are like some kind of vampire fantasy, no expense spared. I have never said this about a toilet before but they are truly magnificent. Oh and in case you get confused as I did they are unisex too! My photos don't do it justice and this place MUST be seen to be appreciated.
Great food, great wine, great service and great decor, great location! Highly reccomended. [more ]

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Port House Dublin
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