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Studios Lunaret, Montpellier

3.0 stars


gym junkies' paradise

In Montpellier and looking for a gym with casual visits to burn off all the great booze and hearty food?

Situated in the heart of the funky, bo-ho quarter of Beaux-Arts is Studios Lunaret (2 rue Lakanal, Beaux Arts, 04 67 72 43 09) a no frills, funky and atmospheric little gym. Quite frankly, it’s no resort gym, the cardio and weights equipment is a motley collection of new and old, but what it lacks in aesthetic quality, it more than makes up for in atmosphere and value for money. There are multiple cardio-rooms, fixed and free-weights and 3 rooms for group classes.

Step, Afro-Jazz, Funk/Hip-Hop are just a few of the classes that draw a packed, daily crowd of students and locals.

No prancing and preening here, and no-one that well dressed (it’s a gym afterall) it’s just a hearty little gym well worth a visit. Casual visit 7 euros, 1 week at 15 euros. The boys at the desk will welcome you, although have a few simple French phrases sorted out, as English doesn’t seem to be doing the rounds here. [more ]

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