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Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Ljubljana

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Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Cathedral of St. Nicholas is located on Dolničarjeva 1.

The earliest mention of this church dates back to 13th century, but it was redone in Gothic style after the fire of 1361. Dioceses of Ljubljana was established in 1461 and the cathedral went through several additions and rebuilding, while it was then burned down by the Turks.
In 18th century the new church was designed by Jesuit Andrea Pozzo and the church did not have a dome until 1841, until then the fake dome was painted on the ceiling. The interior is mostly done in Baroque style (sculptures of the 4 bishops of Emona done by Putti) as well as the angels in the nave done by Francesco Robba. The latest addition is the entrance door that has been added in 20th century and it represents the history of Slovenia. [more ]

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Cathedral of St. Nicholas Ljubljana
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