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Ashlee House, London

5.0 stars


Ashlee House

Located a stone's throw away from the King's Cross station, Ashlee
House is the perfect hostel combination of safety, convenience, style,
and affordability (a rarity in London!). Running the gamut from
private rooms (£35-£37 per night) to sixteen-bed dorms (£9-£18 per
night), Ashlee House provides rooms that jive with every budget
traveler's tastes and sets a standard for many other London hostels to
live up to.

A friendly, fun-loving and bilingual staff (available 24/7) is topped
off by the delightful Richard, who runs the complimentary breakfast
each morning (in addition to the usual cereal, toast, coffee and tea
fare, they occasionally surprise the guests in the morning with
something more substantial by way of pancakes). The staff is also
quick to offer up advice on where to go, and their insider information
on what to avoid and how to navigate the city like a local are worth
the extra cost that comes with staying close to central London. Other
perks include landing on the guest list for Fabric nightclub, a free
walking tour of London, and discounts on Bloomsbury Bowling and the
London Horror Walk (touristo but still good for laughs and history

While occasionally overheated, the rooms are clean, cheery (check out
the 16-bed dorm's skylight) and secure (security codes are needed to
access each room and are only given by the staff on check-in). The
chill-out room (just off the kitchen) has comfy over-stuffed chairs
and, like the reception area and kitchen, is muraled in historical
London (think Churchill and double-decker buses) done in psychedelic
colours. There is an additional luggage storage room and valuables
safe. Avoid using the in-house Internet access and go three doors down
to the Internet café (less money for more time, less of a wait, and a
greater number of working computers). The bathrooms are clean and have
enough showers and hot water to go around, but bring your own towel
and a pair of flip-flops. [more ]

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