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Villa Dante, Munich

5.0 stars


Villa Dante

This is another very good restaurant, famous for its traditional italian food. I think this is where I had my first very well-backed pizza in Germany. This restaurant is not so cheap as the one that I wrote about before at Karlsplatz but it definitely has better food here. I remember when we were there, one of us got a pizza Funghi, one has Tagliatelle Salmone e Gamberini, and some other stuff, but these two are worth their prices. It is not so expensive as some luxurious restaurants in town but it has absolutely a very fine menu. By the way, if you are the type that is very into sport and all that, on the other side of the street is a pretty good swimming pool, Dante Bad. So if you are worried about your diet, just have to check this swimming pool out before enjoying some very good food at this place. [more ]

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