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Taman Kyai Langgeng, Magelang

3.0 stars


Taman Kyai Langgeng (Fun Park)

In Magelang, Central Java, there is a fun park called Taman Kyai Langgeng (Kyai Langgeng Park) where you will not only be entertained by quite a few of giant size Phylogenetic Dinosaurs statues, bird cages (they have colorful tropical birds here), games/sport arena for go kart, surfing, kayaking, water rafting, canoeing and swimming, but also able to explore the souvenirs, fruits (and some vegetables) market along with hotel (and tennis court facility) if you need a place to stay while in Magelang.

It is been said that this is the only fun park in Magelang; and since it is located not too far from downtown, it is often full with visitors; for the 2 times we were there at least, the place was somewhat crowded. You definitely need to go to Taman Kyai Langgeng when you are not too tired after exploring the famous Borobudur Temple; but even when you are tired, you definitely will have fun relaxing at Taman Kyai Langgeng.

At this park, you can also feed the fishes seen on the ponds and certain areas of the park are definitely perfect for family picnic; many spots at this park are very nice for picture taking. The first time we went there, we saw quite a few foreigners headed for the Progo River (Sungai Progo) for rafting (I think); looked like they were so excited which I bet it would be plenty of fun to do if you like rafting.

The entrance fee for this park is FAIRLY cheap; less than 50 cents, but I think you need to pay for another cents if you would like to swim though; and am not too sure about the other arena such as for go kart or water rafting; but what I can assure you is that nothing is too expensive in Indonesia. Restaurants and restrooms are also available at this park but I do have to tell you, in a way or two, needless to say, the fun park really need some improvements and “renovations”! [more ]

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