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Sultan Döner, Kiel

4.0 stars


Sultan Döner

Sultan Döner, while not my favourite of Döner shops, is pretty good and holds itself rather well in a prime location. The atmosphere is nice and the service is friendly, not to mention that there's almost always a place to sit down at.

The meat is cut with a large blade rather than a shaver, making the pieces thicker than what you would normally get at a Döner shop that uses a shaver. The texture of the meat also becomes much different, as well, when using such a blade, which can be an advantage for some, while others may prefer the thinner meat you get with a shaver.

Unlike the some of the smaller Döner shops throughout Schleswig-Holstein, your beverage is served to you in a glass, rather than straight from the bottle, which is a big plus in my books.

Overall, though, four stars. [more ]

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