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Dampa Seaside restaurant, Pasay

4.0 stars


Let Your Crawling Crabs Be Cooked At Dampa!

Craving for seafoods in the Philippines? Why not let it be cooked fresh or even alive? The first time I was in "Seaside" restaurant as the Dampa in Macapagal Road commonly known as, it was in a group dining with office colleagues. There were twenty of us. This is not the traditional restaurant type where you order in written menu books. At Dampa, you need to buy your own sea food at the wet market outside the restaurant and give to them (your restaurant choice) for cooking with your instructions. There are a cluster of restaurants in the place and I was so confused which one cooked our great meal. The place is not dirty despite the sea food, fruits, vegetables (and even pirated DVDs) sold at the wet market. We had our shrimp, crabs, tilapia fish, squids, oysters and shells cooked in various manner. It was a very fulfilling meal. We have all paid around Php 8,000 for twenty people and it was really worthy for the taste and good service that we had. [more ]

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