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Port Hedland Caravan Park

5.0 stars


Port Hedland Caravan Park

Out on the dusty road to Broome, on Australia's West Coast, is the Port Hedland Caravan Park. It sits like an oasis of white in a sea of red sand, close to the airport, which has regular flights to Perth.
The Port Hedland Caravan Park is shady and cool, the perfect respite from the hot southern sun that radiates from above. A large and inviting swimming pool lies like a perfect picture, its gently rippling surface begging for people to dive in.
There are BBQs and a fully equiped camp kitchen, and also washing machines so campers can catch up on the laundry that has built up in the bottoms of their bags. There is a service station nearby for campervans, and a restaurant that, although it may not be the finest in the world, provides tucker fit for a hungry traveler.
Tent sites at the caravan park cost $22, which may be quite steep, but at least the showers are free. There are also single rooms for $75, and doubles for $90. And if you really feel in the mood, you can even hire a large chalet with an ensuite for $140. [more ]

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