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Hideaway Café, Ho Chi Minh City

5.0 stars


Hideaway Café

If Highlands Coffee is an upscale, somewhat pricey chain serving western-style in prime locations around the tourist district, Hideaway Café is located in a really small street and for real hidden away. I love it right at the first time I was there. This coffee shop is a good place to read or to have a quite, serious conversation with business partner or to enjoy a romantic dinner with lovers. I was there with my friends, we are kind of a big group so the reception-waiter walked us to a room upstair, where we can find two huge sofas in the middle of the room with a glass table in between. What a place to chill! Other guests are in different corners of the room, concentrating in their books or being into their conversations. The music is played pretty quitely there to put up to the atmosphere. This is my favourite coffee shop around Ho Chi Minh City, so try it out if you have the chance. [more ]

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