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The Bayeux Tapestry

4.0 stars


Must See Piece of History

The Bayeux Tapestry is something I'd read about a lot in textbooks (mostly in linguistics textbooks... this battle and the subsequent Norman rule of England is what cause English to have so much of is Latin influence), but I never really thought about seeing it.

Seeing the actual tapestry is a very overwhelming experience... due in great part to the way the museum has presented it. You file through a dim room with the tapestry lined along one side. You can listen (in several languages!) to a historical recounting of both the making of the tapestry and what historical event you are witnessing as you pass. It's really interesting to see how much history was woven into one piece of cloth.

The town sells a lot of memorabilia of the tapestry. If you want something specific, you should get it at the gift shop, but for cheaper prices (and, granted, less choice) you can check out the other tourist gift shops in Bayeux. [more ]

Bayeux Tapestry

A top tip if you’re timing is spot on is that it is free to visit the Bayeux Tapestry on one Sunday late in December as part of Bayeux’s town celebrations. It’s worth checking details with the tourist office as I believe the dates of this vary.

Suffice to say that the tapestry is a world famous article and fascinating to see up close both for its incredible length as well as the details and the methods of depicting the events shown.

Look out particularly for Halley’s comet and the possible depiction of King Harold’s death.

The centre of Bayeux is quite a labyrinth but follow signs for “Tapisserie” to locate the museum in which the tapestry is housed. [more ]

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