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Radost FX, Prague

3.0 stars


Odd pricing structure

Even though I'm not a vegetarian, I always make an effort to try at least one veggie or vegan restaurant everywhere I go, just to compare the quality across cities. Radost has okay food, maybe even good, but not great. They also started tacking on mystery service charges for things that we didn't understand, and on top of that the waiter acted like he expected a tip, which we didn't give because of the attitude we were given. In short, you might be better off ordering veggie choices at another restaurant. [more ]

Radost FX (club)

A complicated set of rooms nestled one inside the other, the Radost is open day and night and resembles nothing so much as one of those spots in San Francisco where everything, from the decor and the services, to the furniture and clientele, is of doubtful esthetic origin and calles out to be recognised as a sub-culture. This semi-vegetarian daytime cafe is decorated in a neo_Grecian style, with winged chair backs and pilasters. Its menu informs guests that it has been obliged to raise its prices due to the dizzying increase in the price of fresh vegetables and goes on to list an impressive number of cocktails. Anyway in my opinion this is still one of the hottest spots of Prague's nightlife [more ]

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