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Chinatown - San Francisco

4.0 stars


Chinatown - San Francisco

The shopping is great. Great culture pieces, but one store does have almost the same clothes as the next. I love the options for sizes, as I am fairly short. These clothes actually fit me.

Parking is very expensive, so take public transportation. [more ]

San Francisco's Chinatown: Surprisingly Safe

When I visited San Francisco, I was a little hesistant to stay in Chinatown because of some of my own experiences. In Canadian cities, where I have dwelt most of my life, the various Chinatown market centres are often in poorer and rougher neighbourhoods, like Vancouver's East Hastings district which is Canada's poorest postal code. But where staying at home makes us narrow, travelling educates and I was pleasantly surprised to find that San Francisco's Chinatown was not tense or scary at all.

A moderate walk from the Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown in San Francisco is a safe location with options for inexpensive hotel lodging. The buildings are old which give the area character and many are decorated with murals along the side. Staying in Chinatown, will give you close access to numerous local restaurants, clubs, and vibrant bars, and the streets are safe even at night. I never felt threatened while walking alone which is important when travelling in America, because some of the streets there can be among the first world's meanest. [more ]

Chinatown - San Francisco

Parking is non-existent or tremendously expensive. But, the shopping is great. You might want to take the streetcars, public transportation to get there. I'm short and a wee bit stout, so I appreciated the buying of silk tops without having to have them shortened, and at a reasonable rate.

Don't try to park a car unless you have extreme patience and plenty of resources. [more ]


On my trip to San Francisco I decided to dedicated a whole day to visiting Chinatown. It’s a famous place and I really wanted to see it and feel the atmosphere the Chinese managed to create in an American metropolis. As soon as I saw the famous gate shaping into view, I started feeling really excited. We decided to walk and enter as many shops as we could. I was really impressed about everything they sold there. I wish I could find such Mexican communities in Europe. They were all speaking Chinese and some of the shop assistants couldn’t even speak English. We had lunch in a cheap restaurant there, where the food was delicious, but unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same about the service. [more ]

Chinatown - San Francisco

Chinatown that is located in San Francisco is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. It is the home of many Chinese restaurants and attractions. Each year, many visitors tour Chinatown to get a taste of life in China.

There are several attractions to visit while touring Chinatown. The Bank of Canton is one popular site. It was formerly the Chinese Telephone Exchange. The Chinese Telephone Exchange closed its doors in 1949 and shortly after; the building was bought and renovated into the Bank of Canton. It is a fine example of Chinese architecture.

The streets of Chinatown are lines with herbal shops that sell many different Chinese herbals and medications. It is believed that the Chinese herbs are among the best in the world for curing and controlling many different sickness and injuries.

While touring San Francisco’s Chinatown, visitors will notice many alleys and streets that are written in Chinese or named after famous Chinese people. In many of the alleys, there is writing on the sidewalks in alternating English and Chinese. By touring some of the alleys, one may learn a little about Chinese history and cultures.

There is always something exciting happening in Chinatown. Throughout the year, there are many different events and celebrations that one can attend while visiting Chinatown. One of the biggest celebrations that always draw a large crowd is the traditional Chinese New Year that takes place in January. There are large parties and many stores and restaurants will offer big discounts or specials during these special events.

San Francisco’s Chinatown is an excellent way to experience the Chinese culture without going to China. [more ]

San Francisco’s China Town

I had a nice time walking around the Financial District and San Francisco’s China Town. Tall shiny sky scrapers make this compact city feel a lot bigger than it actually is but also provided a stunning backdrop to my afternoon. In fact, everything is so near that walking was definitively a nice way to see the city. I stopped in a branch of Kinko’s copy centre to use their internet services and to send a fax. Kinko’s is very well known and has branches in every city in the United States, but in San Francisco they seemed to have a real stronghold with branches on nearly every corner! [more ]

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