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Hayashi Hotel, Tokyo

4.0 stars


Hayashi Hotel in Tokyo's Ikebukuro District

I needed a budget hotel whilst in Tokyo and after some research and, I have to be honest, some luck too, I found the Hayashi Hotel in Ikebukuro district. This is a business hotel and the owners seemed very interested that a westerner wanted to stay there, as it generally caters to Japanese businessman looking for a budget place to stay. The elderly owner came out to greet me and showed me the rooms which were actually very much better than I had expected. They were larger than usual, and also beautifully clean. The rate was 6500 yen which is a bargain in Tokyo, and the room was fairly quiet, even in spite of the fact that the hotel is located in a fairly busy street. In the immediate area there were plenty of small shops and restaurants and the Train enabled me to make quick connections to all parts of Tokyo. I booked in for 3 nights and extended it for another 2. This made for a perfect home-from-home in Tokyo without breaking the bank. [more ]

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