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Le Fournil LTD French Bakery, Seattle

5.0 stars


Le Fournil LTD French Bakery - Seattle

Le Fournil LTD French Bakery is a unique bakery and restaurant specializing in authentic French pastries, sandwiches, and espresso. It is a real French bakery and is a great place to dine in or take out. There are several lunch options which include a sandwich or a quiche. Lunches also include one of the French pastries and a beverage. The average cost of lunch is around $8.00. Various soups and salads are also available.

The French pastries are 100% authentic. There are sweet crescents that are mouthwatering. Miniature tarts and ├ęclairs that are also a popular choice with guests. All of the pastries are made freshly on a daily basis. This is why they are so delicious. Every pastry is also a work of art. They are elegantly decorated and presented. The pastries are not only appealing to the appetite, they are also pleasing to the eye.

There is also a wide selection of beverages. Soft drinks, water, espressos, freshly squeezed juices, milk, and more are available. No matter what you taste in beverage is, there is something for you. All of the beverages nicely compliment the pastries and sandwiches. It is a great place to come and have an espresso and chat with a good friend.

Le Fournil LTD French Bakery also has catering available for office meetings, parties, or other gatherings. There are several catering options that will please any group. Small and large groups are welcome to request catering options.

For a truly unique and authentic French pastry experience in Seattle, Le Fournil LTD French Bakery is the premiere restaurant. No other bakery measures up to the quality and taste of the pastries and sandwiches that are served at Le Fournil LTD French Bakery. [more ]

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