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Lavanderia Alfa, Venice

4.0 stars


Cheap laundry and a great place to meet other travelers…

Laundry, one of the travelers plights that just must be dealt with. Of course if you’ve been to Venice you know that the cost of pretty much everything is out of this world and even more so in peak season. Otherwise I don’t think I would write a tip for a to do the wash, but here we are.
After finding out that the machines where I was staying were out of order I spent a couple of days trying to figure out the most cost effective way to get my wash done; the cheapest was still more expensive than I’d been hoping, but when you need to do the wash it’s got to be done.
All told it cost me eight euros to do my wash – that’s about twelve Canadian or three huge load where I come from.
It turns out the best price I found was at Speedy Wash, easy to find on Rio terrà S. Leonardo, Cannaregio; in other words one of the main routs out to places such as Piazza San Marco, and the Rialto Bridge. It was a little awkward carrying my backpack through the crowd of people but well worth it.
They do have internet next door, but I did find this some of the more expensive internet access in the area.
I also met a few other travelers while doing the wash; this turned out to be a great place to trade travel tips and have a nice conversation. [more ]

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