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Christiana, Copenhagen

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The hippie section of Copenhagen that used to be the old navy barracks, but was taken over by "homesteaders" in the early 1970's. This odd assortment of free enterprisers, social libertarians, non-conformists and entrepreneurs has transposed this once abandoned area into the third most popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen. Nightclubs, restaurants and organic eateries dominate the colorfully painted neighborhood that does not tolerate hard drugs, but excepts a lot of other things. The music scene here is quite well developed, but during the daytime, tour groups come through to "see the sights". Also, there are many good places to take a walk along the waterfront. [more ]

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Christiana Copenhagen
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1. Hotel Nebo 2.80 mi
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1. Church of Our Saviour 0.19 mi
2. Nyhavn 1.02 mi
3. Free Museums on Wednesday 1.51 mi
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1. Kanalen 0.33 mi
2. Restaurant Viva 0.90 mi
3. Kong Hans Restaurant 1.51 mi
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