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Tenderloin, San Francisco

2.0 stars


You could get killed here

I stayed in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco for four nights because the HI-Hostel in that part of town is very nice. However, I never felt so protected by walls as when I slept in the Tenderloin district and the area is not to be visited.

Walking to my hostel on the first night of my stay, I found myself suddenly in a bad sort of way. To someone's credit, a soup kitchen was being operated near my hostel and I noticed there a great deal of people waiting. Walking by them, everyone of them looked like the most unhealthiest people in this world and, standing 6'1" myself, at two hundred and fifty pounds, I was a bit worried for my belongings and my wellbeing.

So called crackheads, wannabe (or for all I know real) 'gangstas', drunks, homeless, muggers, and murderers: welcome to the streets of Tenderloin. Stay clear of this area at least at night or at least until the USA develops a reasonable form of social security.

Chinatown, the other area I stayed in, was much, much safer. [more ]

The Tenderloin area

As we approached the Tenderloin area there seemed to be an air of anticipation on the part of everybody on the bus. This area is apparently only one of the more seedy areas of the city, but it has become so famous that there are plenty of tour companies cashing in on tours that feature this small zone. Second only to Alcatraz Prison, the run down Tenderloin area might just be the next big tourist attraction in San Francisco. Now there’s a good start to a list! Now, as someone who has quite an interest in seeing the good and bad parts of any city the Tenderloin area wasn’t really that bad, though I could certainly see plenty of shady characters in run down streets. [more ]

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