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Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego

4.0 stars


Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego

Hard Rock Cafe -- A brand that is a tad overplayed and over-hyped, in my opinion. I think just about any big metropolitan city I have been to, I have come across a Hard Rock Cafe. Located in the heart of the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego, the lively location is definitely the part that deserves all the rave. I haven't necessarily indulged in their supposed greatness, but I have seen it swarming with curious bystanders waiting to taste the hype. For me, it's just another "American" eatery with baseball and rock 'n' roll paraphernalia hanging from the walls and the menu oozing with classic American fare like hamburgers. My two cents on the place is that it's quite mediocre and delivers nothing extraordinary, making it unworthy of its glory and fame. If you still plan to visit and succumb to the brand, the food is good, but not stellar. Don't expect your socks to be rocked off. [more ]

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